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Hi, I am Barbara
Welcome to the Noble Agent!

You know the question! Why Did You Create The Noble Agent?

Okay! I will take that question.
Here is the answer! Because of YOU!

Here is what I believe to be true about real estate professionals based on the many I know. You decide if the beliefs are right or wrong.

  • Work super hard and there is no such thing as normal hours. I guess I don’t know what normal is but it is not a Monday-Friday, 9-5 type of job.
  • Typically, very busy with a ton of detail work to track and follow-up on every day. Activities such as contracts, organizing time for open houses, showings, marketing, networking, prospecting, market research, closing gifts, follow-up with attorneys, inspectors, social media updates and sharing, online leads, holding an open house, following up on an open house, checking out new homes on the market for prospective buyers… Give me a second. I am tired just listing all these activities and I know there are more not listed! But, how did I do?
  • Sink or Swim. There is not always a team in place to take you under their wing. It is great if you have that, but alas, not everyone has that. It may feel sometimes like a sink or swim opportunity. And it is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY!
  • Working late at night, early-bird mornings, and weekends, there isn’t always a person available to call when you have an immediate question. Let’s say you are having your first million-dollar showing, and your nerves kick in! What are the top five things I need to remember with million-dollar showings? You want a Qwick Coach! Tell me the time Jesse, I do not need to know how to craft the watch. (I don’t know Jesse. It is just a name I like). What are the key points?
  • Sometimes you really want to ask someone with experience a question, but maybe feel like you are irritating them because you have asked so many questions, or maybe a little hesitant to show that you don’t remember the answer.

This is why The Noble Agent was created.

Why Am I Involved In Real Estate Training?

“The first point” over 20 years developing courses and facilitating training programs. I was the core of a few folks who built a corporate university and was deeply involved in programs in management, leadership, change, time management, problem-solving, negotiating, communication, performance management, strategy and built a series of courses on customer service – including videos! In addition to that, I have built learning and development curriculums, coached many leaders and created success profiles for roles whereby specific behaviors were identified as important for success – and then built courses for them to take to learn those skills, in several different industries.

I know learning and development. I know how to build successful curriculum. I love doing it.

I also hold the real estate professional in high regard. I have heard, others, those that don’t really know those in real estate, that real estate professionals are about as trustworthy as used car salespeople. Ouch. That hurts just to repeat it. I do not believe that to be true. Now, there are those mackerels that can’t be trusted in any profession, but that should not shadow the entire profession.

But Barbara, you have never been a real estate professional? How can you develop courses for real estate?

I am so glad you asked my favorite question.

There are topics where I have expertise: management, leadership, change, time management, problem solving, negotiating, communication, performance management, strategy and customer service. Those are all important skills in real estate – for all the roles within real estate.

And for the day to day real-life stuff, I reached out to (and continue to engage) successful real estate professionals who agreed to share their best tips, ideas, and experiences, sales leaders and managers that lead and develop real estate agents, real estate attorneys, photographers, stagers, mortgage lenders, real estate purchasers including million dollar properties. Then many of these folks reviewed the materials and gave it a double thumbs up.

Here are why the double thumbs up.

  • Topics and content: spot on target.
  • Contributors are very experienced, successful, and shared their greatest knowledge.
  • No nonsense, practical learning
  • Short and to-the-point. Seriously, 4 – 12 minutes long is the target. There may be a few longer but hey, some topics need a bit more time.
  • Relevant material
  • Audio-based so no matter where you are, it will be easy use, no buffering like videos, in your car, 30 miles from the nearest cell tower. They are like podcasts but much shorter!
  • Fun – learning can be fun, really it can be!
  • Available 24/7. Audio availability is unlimited while you have a subscription.
  • Price is affordable for those starting out. We want you to learn, not have to take out a loan to learn.

So, there you have it! “Why The Noble Agent” and “Why Me”.

What Else Do I Do?

I run, completed a couple of marathons and many half-marathons, a founder and sit on the board for Midwest Small Dog Rescue, take care of my own fur kids, and treat life as if it was one big adventure!

I am a keynote speaker, provide workshops and classes and I am a leadership coach.

You can always reach me at if you have any questions, comments or ideas!

Check out our morning motivations on iTunes! Just search for “The Noble Agent”. And it doesn’t have to be morning, they are just as awesome in the afternoon and evening!

As we say at The Noble Agent; “Enjoy the ride out there!”

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